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Foundation Program

Foundation Studies is actually a one-year preparatory course designed to provide you with the necessary skills to go into an undergraduate course at any higher educational institution or university. These studies are split into different streams like science studies, business studies and they also offer both electives and compulsory subjects.

They also provide English language support. A lot of schools, training institutions, universities and vocational education provide Foundation Studies courses. All foundational studies have one feature in common, and it is the fact that a provisional position in an undergraduate course is allocated by a university if you attain the required grades.

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If you’re a student from another country and don’t really understand the Australian Education System, then you should take foundation studies before you start your university studies.

Foundation program has a lot of options, starting from regular, down to accelerated programs, all designed to go with the student’s learning abilities.

There are university foundation programs that make sure their students get placed in their school regardless of their IELTS score or any other academic requirement

It gives students the appropriate foundation and prepares them for their main university courses, which increases their chances of succeeding at the university.

Students in foundation programs who are yet to decide on the main program get ample time to decide on a suitable university program.

There’s also a university foundation for students doing their Masters before they start their post-graduate studies, and it is usually undertaken by overseas students who are unable to meet the requirements of direct entry for the master’s program

Students are allowed to take different foundation studies depending on their area of interest.

There are university foundation programs with access to a lot of universities which is a great way for students to have access to more options when they’re through with their foundation studies.

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