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Pearson Test of English (PTE) is an English test employed by several universities, colleges, and governments to access English proficiency for people planning to emigrate or study abroad.

PTE might share some similarities with IELTS, but they differ in the way they access speaking test. While IELTS access their candidates based on their live conversation with an examiner, PTE grades candidates’ speaking with using an algorithm. Another difference is that IELTS is completely paper based on its other category while PTE is totally computer based.

Featured of PTE

Regular testing: PTE has over 250 test centers globally and the test can be taken on any of 360 days available in a year and results are available after 5 working days.

Accuracy: As it is computer-based, results are impartial accurate.

Security: To maintain its integrity, palm-vein scanning with test forms are used and your results can only be sent to institutions and organization through the PTE online portal to avoid discrepancies.

Equality: PTE, unlike another English test which grade candidates according to the examiner’s appraisal; PTE candidates are marked by an already prepared pre-programmed computer algorithm. Candidates can be re-assessed if they are not satisfied with their scores.

Coaching: Experts who have taken the PTE and average a 90/90 score are available to tech candidates daily. PTE provides a tutorial experience that features personalized computers, headphones and learning center for each candidate. Materials and up to 15 practice tests are available and best of all a pre-exam master class is held a day of the exam for every candidate.

Opening up a world of opportunity

PTE Examination Process
 Create an online account using a valid ID (i.e International passport) and should be made available on exam day.
 Prepare for the test by taking practice tests and using the material provided for speaking, writing, reading and listening.
 Take the test on the appointed date; do not forget to take your identification document along with you.

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