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Working in Regional Australia can be a completely new and very beneficial experience; thus, the Australian Government has widened up the ways to exchange benefits globally.

Regional Sponsored Visa is for those workers who want to work in regional Australia. However, Nomination by an approved Australian employer is required for the application processing. Overall benefits are enormous, it widens up many opportunities and ways for well settlement.

Streams:  This visa is divided into three streams:

The Temporary Residence Transition Scheme

– For 457 visa holders

– Worked for at least two years in the same occupation

– Employer wants to give the permanent position

The Direct Entry Stream

– People who do not qualify for the first stream

– Who have never or briefly worked in Australia.

The Agreement Stream

– For people sponsored through a negotiated formal labour agreement by their Employer


  • It’s a permanent visa grant
  • Work permit as a permanent resident
  • Study opportunity as a permanent resident
  • Frequent travelling allowed to and from Australia for five years
  • Medical Enrolment and Benefits
  • Australian Citizenship, if eligible being able to study English language in an English speaking country that has all it takes to help you achieve the best result
  • Free placement test for those who want the English course provider

Requirements and Eligibility Criteria:

Eligibility criteria and the requirement depend on the type of visa applied. Following is the main list focused. For further details and info, Please Contact Us.

  • Nomination by an approved Australian Employer
  • Age limit applied under 50 (Temporary Residence Stream)
  • Age limit applied under 45 (Direct Entry Stream)
  • Passport Validity
  • Character and Health Certificates
  • Educational Background check / requirements / Qualifications
  • English Proficiency
  • Meet the Stream Requirements

Other Information:

We are an Educational Service Provider with a strong focus on delivering genuine assistance to students and seekers of opportunities internationally.

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