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This visa (subclass 500) allows international students to study full-time in Australia. This visa also gives a part-time working permit to the migrating students. According to the condition of this visa, each international student can work at the most 40 hours per fortnight.
Prerequisite to apply for this visa:

  • Should be 7 years and above
  • Should get an approval from the top educational institution

Steps for the Visa application

  • Choose the Course and Institution
  • Apply for the your chosen School
  • Receive and accept your offer letter
  • Pay your tuition fee and health insurance
  • Get your Confirmation of Enrolment (ECoE)
  • Process your visa application

Institution Apply and Lodge your visa application:

As it has been mentioned above, that being accepted as a full-time student by an Australian Educational Institution is a must before you start to apply for a student visa.

StudyEdge will help students dealing with the whole process of the application of the institution and visa in following steps:

Support in choosing Institutions and Course

We will analyze and share insights on the essentials for you to choose a course and school including Australian education system, Australian Institutions, latest courses, the requirements for entry, the cost of studying and living in Australia.

We also provide suggestions in choosing institutions and courses depend on your current situation. In this way, you will make the best choice in selecting the school in an efficient way.

Guiding students preparing the required documents

After you have decided where and what to study, we will provide you with a checklist of documents which need to be provided for applying to your chosen institution.

We not only give you the list and let you prepare the documents; we also help you with tips and important details of preparing the materials to ensure sufficiency of them. We will be with during the entire process.

Check the documents and apply for the Conditional Offer Letter

Once you have done with all the documents work, we at Study Edge will apply for the Offer Letter from the institution you’ve chosen. It normally takes about 2 – 3 weeks for your application to be processed and in such time, we will keep in contact to the institution on your behalf to track the process to avoid any risks and issues.

Helping students in getting eCOE.

When your application is successful, the institution will send you an Offer Letter and an Acceptance Letter. By the time you receive those letters, and accept it, our StudyEdge counsellor will help you to read and understand the offer letter. For example, Information on providing your English Test Score, your last academic certification, transcript and other certified documents.

To accept the offer, you need to pay your tuition fee and your health insurance. Most of Australian institutions require you to pay just the tuition fee for the first semester only before you reach to the school.

Also, if your Offer Letter is a Conditional Offer Letter, you need to meet the conditions which the offer requires. In this process, we at StudyEdge also would like to help if anytime you need us!

Once your school have confirmed your payment, the electronic Confirmation of Enrolment will be issued to you, and when it has been delivered to you, it is the time for you to start your visa application!

Lodging Visa application for students

Here you have already been accepted by an Australian Educational Institution, so now we are going to apply for your student visa!

In this process, your StudyEdge counselor will help you to prepare all the documents listed on the checklist we provided you, and after that, you need to pay 560 AUD for applying for this visa. The payment is charged by the Department of Immigration & Border Protection, Australia.

When all your documents have been completed with no issues, and the application fee has been paid, we will submit your student visa application to the immigration department of Australia.

It takes about 25 days to 82 days for your visa to be granted, and when your application is successful, we will be waiting for you in Australia!

Additional Information:

Documents needed for the Offer Letter

  • Certified copy of the Identification file and Passport
  • Birth Certification
  • Latest Academic Certification and Transcripts
  • English Test Scores including IELTS, PTE, and TOEFL
  • Resume / CV
  • Any other relevant certificates (If applicable)
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
  • SOP (Statement of Purpose)/GTE (Genuine temporary entrant)

Criteria for Institution and Visa application:  

  • Proof of sufficient English Skills ( Such as IETLS, PTE and TOEFL Scores )
  • Sufficient Health and Character Check Result
  • Have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
  • Sufficient Financial Provment
  • Academic Certificates

English Test Scores Required:  

For proving that you have a sufficient English Language Skills, you need to provide a sufficient academic certification of an English Language Country or you need to provide a result of one from IETLS, PTE or TOEFL. The different level of education you are going to attend, the different score of the test you need to achieve.

Evidence of Financial Capacity:  

As mentioned above, you need to provide a proof of sufficient funds available in your bank account for 3 months; you also must provide an evidence of your sufficient financial capacity.

You can provide the documents listed below for your application:

  • Financial supporter’s confirmation of employment.
  • Financial supporter’s Payslip.
  • Loan disbursement letter.
  • Bank Statements for the past 3 months with sufficient funds.
  • Evidence of other incomes and asset of the financial supporter.

Notice: You have to demonstrate that you are supported by enough funds to cover the budget of travel, tuition and living costs in the next 12 months in Australia. The form below shows the budget for traveling and living in Australia for 12 months calculated by Australian immigration department.

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