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Purpose: To enhance your skills by taking part in a workplace-based training or professional development training program in your current occupation or field of expertise.

Note: This visa is not suitable for any person whose sole intention is to work.

Eligibility Criteria:

 Be at least 18 years of age
 Meet the Health and Character requirements
 Be financially self-sufficient to bear the cost for self and any family members who may accompany you during your stay in Australia
 Meet any other requirements as mentioned in your training program
 Must have proficient English to acquire training in a workplace
 Be nominated by an Australian organization for an approved occupation or job
 Lodge an application before 18th May 2017 for existing scholarship by an approved professional development sponsor
 Can include your partner or a dependent child (up to 23 years of age)

Basic information about this visa:

  • It allows you to stay up to 2 years and undertake the training specified in your visa application
  • The application charge for this visa ranges from AUD$280
  • The average processing time for this visa ranges from 54 days to 88 days
  • You must be paid a salary or wages in accordance with Australian laws and practices
  • If you want to stay longer when you are in Australia, you must lodge a new application for this visa, including all relevant documents, before your current visa expires

Protection Visa (subclass 866)

This visa is prepared for people who are already in Australia with valid visas and need to be protected from the persecution in their home countries.

If you want to apply for these visas, you must:

  • Have arrived Australia legally
  • Engage Australia’s protection obligations
  • Meet the Health, Character and Security requirements

Meet one of the following Criteria:

  • Meet the complementary protection requirements in the Migration Act 1958.
  • Be a refugee who is outside their country and cannot return because of the persecution due to their: Race, Religion, and Political opinion, Nationality or Membership of a particular social group.
  • Are not forbidden from applying for a Protection Visa

Additional Information and Documents needed for applying:

  • Applicant Identity/
  • Applicant’s claims for protection.
  • Application Cost: From AUD 35.
  • Validation for stay: Stay Permanently.

Applicant Identity

Applicant Identity

Applicant Identity

Applicant Identity

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